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A Digital Commerce B2B Ordering Platform.

dc4B2B works with dcB2B is compatible with Intuit Quickbooks.


Take online B2B orders.

A Quickbooks™ invoice can be created directly from your wholesale customer's cart.

Your customers can easily view updated invoices and invoice history.


Categorize & Present
Products to Your Customers

dcCatalog and dcCustomer work together to present products to your customers and post an invoice.

With dcCatalog, merchandisers can
create, import, categorize, and prioritize products.

Marketing can show category-centric images, promotional splash screens, and custom HTML.

Your dc4B2B powered website can present your customers with a custom ordered navigation menu and easy product discovery.

There's more...
With the click of a button

Create inventory file data for Quickbooks™ Online.

Update dc4B2B quantity-on-hand, active status, and backorderd status from your Quickbooks™ Online account. Keep customers content with current product data and messaging.


Take orders over the phone

Sales Representatives can place orders any time, any place.

Sales managers can track account activity and conversions.


dcWarehouse integrates online with your warehouse.

Print Pick Tickets

Show Inventory Location

Show Backorder Status

Update Picked Status

Warehouse employees can find pick tickets by invoice date or by number.

Present products and take online B2B orders.